South Australia Police

1838 to 1920

Maureen M Leadbeater
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The Province of South Australia's Police Force was founded in April 1838. This searchable database of more than 2,800 police who had left the force by 1920 includes Northern Territory police until taken over by the Commonwealth Government in 1911, and gold escort troopers.

There are numerous discrepancies in the spelling of names and between dates & ages in the various records. Some have been resolved.


FC = Foot Constable
MC = Mounted Constable
Mtd = Mounted Police
PC = Police Constable
SpC = Special Constable
Tpr = Trooper


GRG5/14: Agreements signed by men entering service with date of appointment, dismissal, resignation, etc 1838-52
GRG5/15: Register of appointments, promotions, resignations, dismissals 1838-54
GRG5/16: Defaulter and good conduct book (Mounted Police) 1838-58
GRG5/17: Defaulter and good conduct book (Foot Police) 1838-58
GRG5/18: Record of conduct of members of the Force (Vol 1) 1841-76
GRG5/23: Register of ex-members of the SA Police Force 1838-1920
GRG24/1: Letters and other communications received by the Colonial Secretary, Governor and other Government officials
PG: SA Police Gazette
GG: SA Government Gazette
RegNP: Register newspaper 1838-39
ObserverNP: Observer newspaper
Blake: Gold Escort by L J Blake (Hawthorn Press, Melbourne 1971)
NA: National Archives: Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers 1914-20 (B2455)

State Library of SA holds copies of SA Police Gazettes (from 1868), SA Govt Gazettes (from 1839) and SA newspapers.
State Records of SA holds the GRG records (GRG5/23 & GRG24/1 on microfilm) and SA Govt Gazettes (1868, 70, 73-75 missing).


I am indebted to the State Library of South Australia and State Records of South Australia. I am very grateful for the assistance of the South Australian Police Historical Society, particularly Allan Peters for his advice and support.

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