Leadbeater Family History Timeline

A chronology of major events in the lives of Barry Leadbeater's ancestors up to the time of World War II.

Paternal & Maternal Family Events
161323 Nov, William LEVETT married Anne READE, Berwick SSX ENG.
1616About 1616, James LEVETT born to William & Anne, Berwick SSX ENG.
165510 May, James LEVETT married 2nd wife Margaret GOODWYN, Willingdon SSX ENG.
165617 June, Robert LEVETT, son of James & Margaret, baptised Willingdon SSX ENG.
1680About 1680, Robert LEVETT married Mary, SSX ENG.
168311 March, James LEVETT, 1st child of Robert & Mary, baptised Alfriston SSX ENG.
1707About 1707, James LEVETT married Anne, Berwick SSX ENG.
172515 August, John LEVETT, 8th child of James & Anne, baptised Berwick SSX ENG.
173515 July, Hugh MONTGOMERY married Jane MAY, Mylor CON ENG.
174927 March, William MONTGOMERY, 3rd child of Hugh & Jane, baptised Mylor CON ENG.
175631 October, John LEVETT married Elizabeth COPPAR, Lullington SSX ENG.
177624 December, William MONTGOMERY married Elizabeth LEWEARN, Mylor CON ENG.
17804 February, Leonard LEVETT snr, son of John & Elizabeth, baptised Alfriston SSX ENG.
17868 October, 1st child of 3, William Sampson MONTGOMERY, son of William & Elizabeth, baptised Mylor CON ENG.
1791About 1791, Joseph WHARTON born ENG.
180829 December, William Sampson MONTGOMERY married Mary THOMAS, Mylor CON ENG.
180930 July, Leonard LEVETT, son of Leonard snr & Mary VINE, baptised Beddingham SSX ENG.
About 1810, Frederick WHARTON born to Joseph & Norah, ENG.
1817Sarah WRIGHT born to James, Sopley HAM ENG.
About 1818, John WOOD born ENG.
181915 February, 3rd child of 6, Sam(p)son MONTGOMERY born to William Sampson & Mary, Mylor CON ENG.
1823About 1823, William BARON born ENG.
1825About 1825, Joseph ALLIBONE born to Mary, ENG.
18318 April, John Hargrove LEADBEATER born to John & Eliza, baptised Manchester LAN ENG.
1833About 1833, Catherine WHARTON born to Frederick & Mary, Oldham LAN ENG.
11 July, Michael GOREY, son of Daniel & Bridget nee GOLEY, baptised Thomastown KIK IRL.
183828 February, Sam(p)son MONTGOMERY, 18, husbandman applied for free passage to SA AUS.
1 July, Sam(p)son arrived Pt Adelaide SA aboard Henry Porcher.
16 September, Leonard LEVETT married Ruth JONES, Arlington SSX ENG
183921 March, Leonard LEVETT, wife Ruth nee JONES & dau Harriet (d@sea?) arrived Pt Adelaide SA aboard Buckinghamshire.
20 September, Sarah HARDING nee WRIGHT & 1st husband William arrived Pt Adelaide SA aboard Anna Robertson. Wm died 29 November.
184025 July, Sam(p)son MONTGOMERY married widow Sarah HARDING nee WRIGHT, Holy Trinity C of E, Adelaide SA.
1841January, Sam(p)son lived at Walkerville SA & was employed as gardener to Sarah AUGUST.
1843By 1843, William COLES married Emma EMENY.
1845About 1845, Sam(p)son worked for miller John DUNN as engineer & fireman.
About 1845, William COLES, wife Emma & 3 sons arrived SA from Hobart TAS AUS.
18468 June, 4th child of 7, Ellen Eliza COLES born to William & Emma, Adelaide SA.
18488 November, Sam(p)son purchased 42 acres, western part sect 3040, hd Yatala SA, NW corner of Grand Junction & Walkleys Roads on Dry Creek (later part of the Yatala Labour Prison property, now adjacent to the prison on the west & a housing estate on the other part sect to the east).
1850John Hargrove LEADBEATER married Catherine nee WHARTON, Goole YKS ENG.
185220 October, Ellen LEVETT born to Leonard & Ruth, Mintaro SA.
18534 January, 8th child of 11, James Wright MONTGOMERY born to Sam(p)son & Sarah, Dry Creek SA.
185518 December, Walter Hargrove LEADBEATER born to John Hargrove & Catherine, Leeds YKS ENG.
1856March, Sam(p)son purchased sect 229, hd Upper Wakefield SA.
13 November, Michael GOREY arrived Pt Adelaide SA aboard Victoria Regia.
1857Mary ALLIBONE born to Joseph, Willoughby WAR ENG.
185921 April, William Thomas BARON born to William & Eliza, Heywood LAN ENG.
About 1859, Jemima WOOD born to John & Alice, ENG.
About 1859, Mary ALLIBONE born to Joseph & Margaret, ENG.
18634 February, Michael GOREY married Ellen Eliza COLES, St Patrick Catholic Church, Adelaide SA.
1868June, Sam(p)son purchased 43 acres, sect 723, hd Upper Wakefield.
1869August, Sam(p)son purchased 80 acres, sect 373, hd Upper Wakefield.
1871Sam(p)son purchased 573 acres on credit, sect 526, 615, 620, hd Hallett SA, to be worked by sons John & James Wright.
187228 November, James Wright MONTGOMERY married Ellen LEVETT, Bible Christian Chapel, Mt Bryan Flat SA.
1874Sam(p)son made final payment on Hallett land (total £573).
1878James Wright & family moved to Wilmington SA & began carting timber & wheat by bullock team.
Sam(p)son sold Hallett property to Henry COLLINS (3 y mortgage).
1880Sam(p)son purchased 120 acres, sect part 227, 228, hd Upper Wakefield.
18812 February, Walter Hargrove LEADBEATER married Mary ALLIBONE, Wesleyan Chapel, Oldham LAN ENG.
16 April, Sam(p)son's wife Sarah died aged 64, Upper Wakefield, buried Auburn.
18826 August, 4th child of 7, Ellen Maud MONTGOMERY born to James Wright & Ellen, Wilmington SA.
188326 February, 2nd child of 7, Emma BARON born to William Thomas & Jemima nee WOOD, Oldham LAN ENG.
5 June, 12th child of 13, Robert Michael GOREY born to Michael & Ellen Eliza, Balaklava SA.
188425 February, 2nd child of 5, Frank LEADBEATER born to Walter Hargrove & Mary nee ALLIBONE, Oldham LAN ENG.
1885Unimproved value of Sam(p)son's Upper Wakefield property £600, plus improvements of £840.
1890Sam(p)son leased out Upper Wakefield property.
1891John Hargrove LEADBEATER died, aged 60, ENG.
Sam(p)son sold Upper Wakefield property.
1904James Wright MONTGOMERY's wife Ellen opened their house as a lying-in (maternity) home on the request of her local doctor.
190711 December, Frank LEADBEATER married Emma BARON, St James Parish C of E, Oldham LAN ENG.
1909June, Sam(p)son's Hallett property mortgage discharged.
28 June, Robert Michael GOREY married Ellen Maud MONTGOMERY at her parents' home, Aberdeen SA.
8 October, 1st child of 2, Ethel LEADBEATER born to Frank & Emma, Oldham LAN ENG.
1910Sam(p)son residing with daughter Mary & husband Henry TRELAGGAN, lot 88, corner of Truro & Fore Streets, Redruth SA.
191117 April, 1st child of 4, Reginald Eric GOREY born to Robert Michael & Ellen Maud at her mother's lying-in home, Aberdeen SA.
19128 May, Frank LEADBEATER departed Oldham LAN ENG arriving Pt Adelaide SA AUS, 22 June aboard SS Roon.
25 June, Frank began looking for employment.
24 July, Frank commenced work as fitter at Irrigation Works, Waikerie SA.
23 November, Emma LEADBEATER & Ethel departed ENG for AUS aboard Indarra.
19131 January, Emma LEADBEATER & Ethel arrived Pt Adelaide SA.
191430 June, 2nd child of 2, Roy LEADBEATER born to Frank & Emma, Waikerie SA.
191721 October, 3rd child of 4, Myra Ellen GOREY born to Robert Michael & Ellen Maud, Mallala SA.
191812 September, Sam(p)son died, aged 99, buried Auburn SA (see Obituary).
194224 January, Roy LEADBEATER married Myra Ellen GOREY at St Cuthbert C of E, Prospect SA.
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