South Australian Naturalizations

1839 to 1903

Maureen M Leadbeater
surname * given name


Non-British subjects who applied for naturalization compiled from lists in the South Australian Government Gazettes, with additional information from files at the National Archives of Australia and State Records of South Australia. Also included are the Prussian Lutherans who took the Oath of Allegiance in 1839 but were not naturalized at that time.

The SA Government Gazettes and the National Archives index contain some spelling errors that are noted.

A source flagged * indicates an errata list in the SA Government Gazette.

Read further information about non-British colonists and naturalisation in early South Australia.


GG = SA Government Gazettes
AP = SA Acts of Parliament
PP = SA Parliamentary Papers
National Archives A711, A712, A729, A733, A821, A822, A823, A824, A826
State Records GRG 24/55 & GRG 59/7


The assistance of the State Library of South Australia, National Archives of Australia and State Records of South Australia is gratefully acknowledged.

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