About Us

The FamilyHistorySA website was launched on 1 January 1996 after its creation, development and testing in late 1995. The aim was to provide free information for family history and genealogy research on South Australians and their ancestors at home and abroad. The site is fully accessible to everyone with a recent web browser that has javascript enabled including tablets and mobile smartphones. There are no membership or subscription requirements.


Our searchable genealogy databases are continually growing in number and size. This extensive collection is fully available to all users of our website without restriction.


A number of volunteers have contributed data over the years. Grateful thanks to all.
Since 2006, several have contributed complete databases and/or articles to our site. Thank you!

Fees and advertising

All of the information and services provided are completely free of charge. The website is also entirely free of pay-per-click, banner and video advertising to ensure that our users are not distracted from their research.


This site is entirely non-commercial and has no affiliation, formal or informal, with any genealogy society or other organization.

Privacy Policy

We fully respect your privacy while visiting our website. We do not collect any information that could personally identify you.

Our databases do not contain the details of any living persons.

This site contains links to other web sites. We are not responsible for their privacy practices or content.


All data transferred to and from our website is encrypted for your safety.


Use of this site and its data and information is entirely at the user's risk. Any data required for a critical application should be thoroughly checked by the user for accuracy and suitability to that application.

Happy researching!

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