Family History South Australia

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South Australian passenger lists 1836-1858

South Australian pioneer settlers 1836-1860

South Australian birth records 1836-1860

South Australian marriage records 1836-1857

Naturalisations in South Australia 1839-1903

Credit selectors of SA Crown Lands 1869-1890

Gold diggers from South Australia 1852-1853

Sth Australian deserters lost & found 1838-1920

South Australian police force 1838-1920

South Australian district constables 1853-1920

South Australian whalers & whaling 1844-1851

South Australian deaths & burials 1836-1855+

SA & NT sudden deaths 1845-1910

Deaths of South Australian returned servicemen

World War 1 South Australian servicemen deaths

Historical background information

South Australia history timeline

South Australian counties and hundreds

Australian historic building photographs

River Murray mission boats

Water in South Australia's early days

WW1 Germanic placenames in South Australia

WW1 Violet Day in South Australia

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